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Pediatrician in greater noida

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    General Pediatrics

    Providing skilled and expert care to new-borns with both common and complicated problems...

    Immunization / Vaccination

    Includes preventive immunization of newborns, infants, children,adolescents, adults and elderly...

    Community and Social Pediatrics

    Includes school health teaching and vaccination programmes conducted on a community level...

    New Born Clinic

    Providing skilled and compassionate services to new borns, including routine child care and quality...

    Counseling of Adolescents

    Adolescence is the period when a child hits puberty,
    and is a time when he / she must be filled...

    Breast Feeding Techniques and Promotion

    Breast milk is the most important and the only meal that a new born feeds and survives on...

    Child Health

    Proper nurition, hygiene and health tips...

    Counseling of Parents About Children Rearing and Parenting

    Childbirth completely changes how a family functions and its not only vital to give the child proper care...

    What patients say About Astitva Clinic

    When it comes to child care, we know you want the best.

    • Pediatrician in greater noida

      I have recommended Dr. Pradeep Singh to many of friends & family because the treatment and care that my 1 year old daughter received here was just what every parent would want.

    • Pediatrician in greater noida

      My heartfelt appreciation to all the doctors and nurses who have done the best to cure my son’s ailment. I am extremely happy.